Dressers and Bureaus

Among the wooden furniture designed and created by Pinotti for the category of bureaus and dressers there are several interesting types:

The Bureaus, born in medieval monasteries for the manual copying of ancient and precious texts by the amanuensis monks, today are a precious and refined piece of furniture that still maintains its function as a desk for books, but with the evolving of time also for computer and tablet.
The dressers, useful for storing clothes and linen in the bedroom, can also be used in different areas of the house as an object of furniture while maintaining its useful storage capacity.

The comò, in French “commode”, already from its name means comfort. A low and very roomy cabinet able to furnish any room with a touch of quality. Usually characterized by decorations on the drawers, Pinotti also offers it in more sober versions up to the more complex ones such as the rounded comò.

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