The Pinotti consoles are very versatile, they can be easily combined with different styles, while maintaining a classic tone. This type of furniture can be used for several reasons. First of all, its reduced depth allows it to be positioned even in confined spaces such as corridors or in conjunction with stairs. Another purpose could be to insert it in the bedroom as a make-up station, some models such as the Liberty console have been designed for this, combining the stool furniture in the same style, in addition to practical utility, the presentation at aesthetic level of these furniture releases refinement and elegance.

The wood used for the creation of these consoles ranges from cherry wood to walnut wood, always choosing precious and resistant materials.

So whether you are looking for modern and straight shapes, or you prefer sinuous lines and decorations, among the Pinotti consoles every need will be satisfied by enhancing the personal style of the customer.

Discover them all and choose the one that suits you best.

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