Furnishing Accessories

The Pinotti furnishing accessories range in different types of products with as many purposes, but they are united by the material that identifies the entire range of products of this brand: wood.

One of the most popular products in this category, proposed by Pinotti in different formats, is the bar. There are mobile versions that allow you to make every part of the house the right place for a drink, while when the corner bar is designated, there is a wide choice of cabinets designed for storing bottles and glasses. The names dedicated to this line, “‘700”, “Versailles” and “Wine Corner” arouse a serene, relaxed and classy mood to pronounce them, and this is the feeling they want to give also on an aesthetic level.

Another flagship are the pendulum clocks, timeless furnishing accessories, followed by sinuous Etajere and many other design pieces with multiple uses.

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