Comò, bedside tables and beds

The bedroom is the room where you spend most of your hours, and above all the time spent there determines our well-being throughout the rest of the day. This is why it is important to devote a lot of care and attention to it, also with regard to the furnishings. Pinotti, knowing the importance of this environment, dedicates several pieces of furniture to it.

The comò, a mid-height piece of furniture suitable not only for the bedroom, is very spacious. Its medium height allows you to leave the decoration of the wall to which it is placed in view. The Pinotti proposals in this regard are varied with the aim of satisfying every type of need, whether it is the size of the piece of furniture or its aesthetic aspect.

The bedside tables, smaller versions of the comò, provide a comfortable support when positioned near beds or sofas. Indulging in shapes and designs, Pinotti creates them all using wood as the main material.

The beds, true protagonists of the bedroom, define the style of the entire room. Many beds in the Pinotti line feature a tufted headboard, a classy decorative cover often used in luxury furnishings. Even as regards the beds, while always remaining classic and elegant, Pinotti offers other more modern styles.

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